sexy toes

Posted in Uncategorized by msteachersex on December 28, 2009

I am getting a pedicure in skinnies and cashmere, bad idea, but darling internets, I recognize that you could hardly care less. What intrigues: I offered Mr. Teacher a generic selection of colors to choose from (red, pink, purple) for my nails and toes. He immediately selected red. Now Ms. Teacher’s father (henceforth referenced as Retired Daddy) has a certain feets and toes interest that manifests in constant red pedicures for my stepmother. Could Mr. Teacher share this affection for lovely feet? Mine are half ruined from dancing (not hideous merely awkward) but he has certainly kissed/sucked toes in occasion, but then again, Mr. Teacher is a true sexual enthusiast who brings enthusiasm to every sexual act. Perhaps he just selected the first option? Oh well, OPI Smitten with Mittens it is…

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Posted in Uncategorized by msteachersex on December 27, 2009

Nothing makes Ms. Teacher want to be bent over the nearest piece of furniture like new skinny jeans.

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morning lust

Posted in Uncategorized by msteachersex on December 27, 2009

I still cannot sleep. I miss Mr. Teacher’s close hold, the only decent sedative I have had in months. Drinks knock me out but offer uneasy rest, OTC sleeping pills induce grogginess, counting sheep withers me with boredom, touching myself without the promise of full satisfaction only arouses me more. Mr. Teacher is home tomorrow and promises excellent intermittent fucking and napping upon arrival.


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